Speed, Agility, & Strength Training

If you need to be quicker, faster, stronger and more explosive in your sport
Speed and agility training are key components for improving upon an athlete’s performance. 3D Sports Training Academy offers sports specific training that incorporates speed and agility drills to athletes of every age and ability level; taking those athletes to their highest level of performance. Speed and agility are integral in every sport; from swimming to football. Without this kind of training, athletes are more prone to injury and often get stuck at a mediocre level of performance simply because their bodies have not been trained to move beyond that level. Many people participate in sports, but only a small percentage actually excels in them. 3D Sports Training Academy is dedicated to training athletes, from pee-wee to pros, to reach their goals and to perform at their highest potential. Through our sports camps and speed and agility training programs, our students improve upon:

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • Running Technique
  • Endurance
  • Jumping Ability
  • Decreasing Susceptibility to Injury
  • Improving Self Confidence


Our speed training  is specifically designed for each athlete with a common goal to enhance foot speed, agility, power and flexibility. Speed and quickness training is a system of progressive exercises and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor ability to enhance the capability of athletes to be more skillful at faster speeds and with greater precision.


A combination of an experienced instructor and cutting-edge training programs allows athletes to learn the fundamentals of speed agility training, improve their linear, lateral and multi-directional movements on the field or court, and improve their overall athletic ability. These workouts enable athletes to develop explosive power and increase vertical jump, strength, flexibility and overall endurance, while decreasing the risk of injury.


3D Sports Training Academy offers the area’s best and most successful strength program.  No gimmicks and no wasting time.  We are focused on teaching athletes PROPER form and technique FIRST!  And then progress to working athletes up to what a college level strength program looks like.  Only goal orientated, results driven programs.

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