Players will be instructed on the mechanics of successful hitting, focusing on five steps: stance, load, stride/trigger, swing, extension & follow-through. Players will receive instruction on the proper stance in the batter’s box, grip on the bat, getting into the hitting position, utilizing a correct stride/trigger, and developing a proper swing through consistent upper and lower body mechanics. Additional aspects, such as developing bat speed through a short stroke and using the back side/bottom half to drive the ball, will be covered as well. Common faults in form and execution will be identified, addressed and corrected by instructors. Hitting drills will be conducted using a variety of devices utilizing various training bats and tees as well as soft toss, and machine and live pitching.


This class is intended for players interested in developing the proper skills to become a successful pitcher. Instruction will focus on developing consistent and sound pitching mechanics, and the ability to achieve a consistent release point. Players will receive instruction on the main phases of delivering a pitch including the proper set position, balance point, separation & landing, power position, release and follow through. Other topics will cover correct positions in relation to the rubber for windup and stretch, correct ball grip, and the importance of developing an off-speed pitch. Pitchers can work out side by side in a 72′ dual pitching cage with portable mounds, target screens and a stand-in batting figure.

Baseball Skills Development

The Rookie class is for beginning players and will cover basic techniques for throwing, catching, hitting, and fielding. The focus of the instruction will be centered on the implementation of correct mechanics as a solid base for future skills development. Instruction will cover correct batting stance and grip, proper turn and balance in the swing, the correct technique for fielding grounders and fly balls, and throwing accurately at different distances. The Minors class will function as a more advanced overall skills clinic that will focus on refining existing skills and giving players an opportunity to work on multiple aspects of their game including hitting, pitching, catching and throwing. Position-specific infield/outfield techniques will be covered as well.

3D is proof of what determination and hard work can accomplish! Kelly Adams

Just in case you thought it was easy… It’s not. It takes more discipline, dedication, desire and fortitude than you realize. Yes, it takes talent but I’ve seen lots of talent that didn’t work hard. Those guys got sent home. You must dedicate yourself 100% and then give more. Allen McDill


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